What is Hepatitis A

What is hepatitis A and the vaccines for them

Hepatitis A has become much dreaded disease in the current scenario, although most of us are not vary about what is hepatitis A. Mostly travelers take vaccines in order to prevent them from viral infection which is both common as well as contagious. It is therefore necessary for travelers to consult with their travel agents to ascertain as to the precautions to be taken before travelling. What is hepatitis A is a question of medical fact, which every one of us ought to know.

Facts pertaining to Hepatitis A

Hepatitis A is a viral infection due to which one’s liver will get infected. Once contracted with hepatitis A, you will have to take good precautions to get cured out of it. However, the percentage of one getting cured is very high and therefore the severity of hepatitis A is not as drastic as feared by most of the laymen. The transmission of hepatitis A is relative, depending upon one’s food habit or hygiene levels. It can be transmitted through the chef preparing your food in a hotel, or even by the contaminated water consumed by you. Water when contaminated with infected feces of bacteria can make you ill with Hepatitis A. In other words, there is no defined rule by which you could contract ailment in the form of hepatitis A. Most of the foods that are likely to infest viruses or bacteria are shellfish, ice water, vegetables and fruits. In case of an infant who has contracted hepatitis A, he can transmit it to someone who changes his diaper or even bathes him. This route of getting contracted with hepatitis A is called as fecal oral transmission.

More on hepatitis a

More so, having sex with someone contracted with hepatitis A can render you the same. There are many books available on what is hepatitis A, online. You have to be conversant with the disease so as to understand the mechanism of its transmission as well as the symptoms which the dreaded disease renders its subjects. Prevention is better than cure. And this certainly is why you should be enlightened about hepatitis A. More recently, when many people were declared dead due to contracting of hepatitis, the question as to What is hepatitis A was a hot topic of discussion on various medical channels and forums. However, one has to know that there are various types of contracting hepatitis, and hepatitis A is just one of them. In fact, although hepatitis A is much dreaded, it is not as serious as its variants. One has to take precautions and follow the vaccine regime as prescribed by his doctor. The symptoms of hepatitis A are vomiting, feeling nauseated, feverish, lazy, swollen head and such others. If you feel any of the aforesaid symptoms prevail, it is ideal that you contact your doctor or physician and do a necessary blood test in order to get yourself evaluated. What is hepatitis A is certainly not an astronomical calculation for one to ponder upon, however it could be better if one gets well versed on the same.